12 Reasons to Choose Us

1. Our prices are reasonable and competitive.

2. We use only top quality paints and finishes -- quality brand names that you can trust -- so we can guarantee our work.

3. We've got many, many satisfied references. We've already earned the trust of many of your neighbors. You probably already know some of our customers.

4. We're fully covered with liability insurance -- You are fully protected in case of any unintentional damage to your property or injury.

5. We specialize -- In repaint work, making the finest homes and businesses in the area look even more attractive.

6. We guarantee our work -- If your exterior paint should peel, we will repair peeling areas free without any hidden costs. We offer one year free touch-ups inside.

7. Painters do daily clean-up -- We won't interrupt your lifestyle by having tools and equipment scattered all around your home.

8. We do thorough preparation -- Surfaces will be scraped, sanded and primed where necessary. Bare surfaces will be primed, chalky areas wire brushed. We'll apply rust inhibitors, will repair cracks and holes and caulk cracks. On the inside of your home, we'll repair cracks in walls and many other repairs.

9. We daily supervise your job -- You'll be dealing with someone who has extensive experience with your type of paint job and more importantly who is sensitive to your needs. We want to get the job done to your satisfaction.

10. We bid in writing and work until full coverage is achieved as opposed to bidding by the cost. You don't have to worry about hidden charges because one coat didn't cover. We know what your job will entail and we bid accordingly.

11. We work on a first-come, first-served basis -- which means that once you decide to move forward on the work we've proposed and pay your deposit, we make a commitment to you. So pre-book early to save your spot.

12. Once we start, we show up every day until your job is completed, with the exception of rain or cold conditions when paint will fail. We won't start your job and then leave you hanging while we try to satisfy some other customer. You won't have to worry about the project dragging on forever.