St Louis Paint Company
In 2006, I started the Next Day Paint Company.   I started painting in college when I worked my way through school with painting as my trade. After college I traveled around the country promoting products for Fortune 500 Clients. This experience allowed me to manage projects that required labor management, event coordination, equipment maintenance and day to day operations.  In between programs, I always went back to painting and over the years have built up an impressive referral base. It soon became obvious to me that with my extensive travels behind me and penchant for marketing, it was time to start my own business.   

In time, the Next Day Paint Company became the St. Louis Paint Company.My greatest wish is to one day become a household name and the first company that comes to mind for quality painting here in St. Louis. Today we proudly provide interior and exterior painting services to residents in St. Louis City and County.

Jeff Pfeifer